Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Language of Therapists

Everyone jokes about how there must be a course "Illegible Handwriting" in medical school. I'm beginning to think there must be a "Therapist Language" course.

Beginning of yesterday's session -

Me: So did you miss me while I was gone? (after 3 week break)
She (chuckling a bit): What do you think? (with emphasis on you)
Me: I don't know - only you can tell me what you were feeling. (Pretty clever, I thought)
She: I noticed your absence. Although there might have been someone else sitting in the chair, I was fully aware that the 5:30 Tuesday is your time.

So - what do you think? Did she miss me?

All joking aside - the session was neutral - not great, not terrible. She commented once that she thought I was quieter than usual. It did seem like she did more talking than usual - but nothing really new.

Now we have another two week break............


  1. I like your response, it is very logical. She filled in your time slot with another person! How dare she?

    I'm sure she missed you, but why can't they come out and say this? How can it hurt us?

    It's so hard when the continuity isn't there, isn't it?

  2. It took me at least a year to learn this language.

    I don't like when I lose the continuity of sessions. It's hard to get into anything meaningful.

    I think that was a good come back. Did it at least make her think of an answer or was she quick with one?

  3. Harriet - I know - the nerve of her.

    inamaze - I'm jealous you have learned the language. Perhaps you can translate for me :))

    The lack of continuity is difficult - hopefully both of us will stay put for awhile when she gets back. Although I am not sure where we will go.