Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nurturing self

So part of my reading has to do with nurturing oneself. I am supposed to ask others how they do this. So I am asking....

What I have come up with for myself -
1) Reading - started in childhood as a way to escape life. Read everyday - usually average a book/week or so. Also love talking about books with people.
2) Listening to music - I've recently discovered Pandora, so I can listen at work. Usually the soulful women - Sarah McLachlan, etc. Although sometimes music can make me melancholic.
3) Gardening - would do more of this if I had more time. LOVE fresh flowers. Unfortunately forgot to bring some peonies into the office today. They are glorious now and haven't been beaten down by a thunderstorm (yet).

Unfortunately - these don't seem to help me in the "acute" anxiety moments. Like I had big time on Saturday. When I ruminate over and over about the bad things. What helps in those times? Besides breathing?


  1. Well, as far as comforting and nurturing things, these are really things you need to find for yourself.

    Your list to date is good.

    The "acute" stuff will generally not be helped by these things. In these situations you need a grounding plan. Breathing is good. Sometimes calling someone who you can trust. Writing is good. I'll write in my private journal when things feel overwhelming and just get it out. Sleep is another. Medication another. These are all instead of not-so-good things like self harming.

    I'm about to record my therapist doing progressive relaxation with me to use when I need to calm myself. I'll see how that goes.


  2. Yea - I think in the acute phase, grounding with self soothing talk works best for me. Or physically changing my environment.

    Will be interested to hear more about progressive relaxation. Is this a type of meditation?

  3. Hi,

    I use cold gel packs around my neck and shoulders to help calm me down. It might take a while, depending on how upset and anxious you are.

    I have a list of links to articles on grounding and coping. Let me know through my blog if you want me to email them to you.


  4. Kate -
    Your blog has a tremendous list and links to various helpful things. Thanks! The gel packs sound like they might be useful - particularly in my menopausal hormone deficient state.