Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanks for the comments

Thanks to those who commented on how they might prepare for therapy. My T has responded to some of my concerns and brought up a topic she feels might need some exploring at our next session. As I feel myself nearing the end of therapy, I find myself missing her. I do feel "close" to her.

I'm sure I have more issues related to the abuse to work on. It just doesn't seem to be a high priority for me right now. In fact, at one point, it seemed like all I did was think of the abuse and related things. Now, I rarely find myself thinking about it. Perhaps avoidance.


  1. It's scary for me to even read someone else's experience with the end of therapy. I hope it goes well for you, are you anxious about it?

  2. I echo Harriet here - I find it difficult reading about others endings, as I haven't yet come to terms with my own.

    I'm glad your T has responded to your concerns.

  3. Harriet and Samesky -
    I'm not sure how close I am to the end of therapy. We have a few more things to work on. I'm not finding it scary at this point though - the thought that I might end. More sad - because I like my T and realize that I won't have a relationship with her outside of the office.


  4. I never thought of my abuse in a concrete way before which equates for me not thinking about it much at all. Now it seems to be in my face much of the time.

    At this point thinking about ending with my T freaks me out. I'm hoping I won't be freaked when the time actually happens. But I do wonder how will I know when the time comes.

  5. inamaze - I was at the point where it seemed to be "in my face" nearly all of the time. Now it is more in the background. It was just cathartic telling someone.