Monday, December 27, 2010

Blog recap

I recently read all of my private online journal - searching for some dates to talk something over with T (actually more to prove a point). Yesterday I read the whole of this blog with comments - not that long as I'm not prolific. Interesting process to see where I've been and how many things get repeated over and over. I do think I've grown some over the years, but realize I have a long way to go before - what? Not sure if it's acceptance of who I am and where I've been. Realization that my past has shaped me into who I am today, but that with work, I can change my image of myself. Sometimes I wonder if I will be satisfied with a different outlook - do we become too comfortable with the person we are? Is change too scary?

Musings before the new year.


  1. Change is very scarey, OLJ, I agree. For me, I was too stuck so change was the only way out. Perhaps there's an element of truth to that for every therapy client, no matter what issues they bring to the table? I don't know, just a random thought.

  2. It can be more comfortable to be the way we are than to change, even if we know that the way we are is not serving us well. Human nature, I guess.

  3. Kerro/Harriet -
    I think I am just having a more difficult time with the process as we are going into deeper things - makes the process difficult to take. So - I guess "comfortable" with who we are is one way of looking at it. Many times I think it is easier to squash it all back down and go on with life as it was.