Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Egg

If I could draw - I would draw an egg with a splinter size crack that proceeds to a mesh of cracks with eventual shattering of the shell. That's what I thought about after therapy yesterday. The goal of my therapist (at least in my mind - she would say she has no goal - it's all about what I want) is to effect the first crack. But we all know what happens after you break an egg - you end up with a gooey mess.

And I've developed this thick shell for a reason - I'm trying to decide if there is a good reason to break it.

And whether I should call my T to let her know how I'm feeling - although I suspect she has a pretty good idea.


  1. I guess I'm hard boiled - during my t sessions. No emotion there whatsoever.

    But the rest of the time - I'm scrambled. A mess.

  2. This egg metaphor is good - like you - I either feel a gooey mess or scrambled. Sometimes fried (like after the tough session on Tuesday). Hardboiled is also good - I've definitely been like that in therapy.

    Responding to something you said on a different blog - you are not invisible to us. :)