Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My superpower

I can't say that I have a superpower. I mean, who does besides the superheroes? :)

I suppose I could answer this in the context of past abuse - my superpower was to survive and go on to lead a productive life.

Or I could answer it in the context of things I am good at -
1) I have a great memory - particularly for names - people, books, authors
2) I'm a good listener although my T would say in part that is a learned mechanism to avoid sharing my own story
3) I am cool under pressure - particularly at work
4) I'm a fast reader
5) I can keep secrets (I suppose this could fall in the above category - learned from my abuse)


  1. Having a great memory for names...that truly is a super power in my books!

  2. Survival is definitely a superpower :)

  3. Lost and Kerro -
    Both talents have served me well!