Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greatest Fear

I meant to post this yesterday.....

This one was an easy one. My greatest fear is that something terrible will happen to my children. By terrible, I don't mean getting cancer or having an accident (both terrible things). I mean the really horrible things - abducted, raped, murdered.

Makes me feel ill just to write it.


  1. I know this one well. I have it too and also in some horrible home invasion way where I will be present but unable to help them. It is heartbreaking.

  2. Ooh, of course that would be horrible. I just think about regular terrible things happening to them (ie; illness, accidents). The really horrible things are too horrible to think about I guess.

  3. yes, that is up there with my worst nightmare ever. absolutely. my heart goes out to those parents/family members/loved ones who are in the midst of such an agonizing experience.

  4. Yes to all - I can't imagine being able to function if this happened to me.